Wednesday, May 18, 2011

hummingbird nest...back to Central America

We had an out of town visitor this weekend--so a visit to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum was a must. The timing was right--there were six different nests in the hummingbird aviary, and here's one of them:

...another de rigueur activity to introduce desert life--an evening walk in Sabino Canyon:

The out-of-town friend lives in Guatemala, which is, incidentally, where I got my first digital camera. I began learning to use it, walking around her hilltop neighborhood to the west of Guatemala City; this sunset view of the Volcán Agua was one of the first photos I took:

Her home in Guatemala was a home-away-from-home for us during the year we lived in Central America. When we got back to León, our Nicaraguan 'hometown,' 
I had fun taking pictures of the many colonial doorways in that hot, lowland, university town: favorite is this one:

I was running errands (that's my bike) and on the ride home a row of buildings caught my eye. I got off my bike, got my little camera out of my backpack to take a quick picture, and then when I turned around to continue on my way, I realized, ahh, THIS is the photo I want!

If you never stop and look, the unexpected will never grab your eye.

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