These are photo-cards currently available, including some for purchase at  "Mostly Books" bookshop, and "Qué Bonita," a gallery/furniture store, both in Tucson:


1-Monsoon over Tucson

2-Monsoon over Tucson vertical

3-Engelmann's prickly pear bloom

4-Barrel Cactus bloom

5-winter rainbow

6-Mission San Xavier reflection


8-desert spring poppies and saguaros

9-Catalina state park poppies

10-Catalina State Park desert spring

11-Coopers Hawks 'bookends'

12-dove and saguaro bloom

13-Mexican red bird of paradise and butterfly

14-Costa's hummingbird mother and babies

15-mountain lion portrait

16-mountain lion eye contact

17-saguaro bloom

18-saguaro bloom b&w

19-Sabino Canyon autumn reflection

20-sabino canyon tree reflection

21-saguaro 'handshake'

22-saguaro cristate pair B&W

22-saguaro cristate pair

23-saguaro cristate pair against sun

24-saguaro national park pointer

25-saguaro with downturned arms

26-Romero Canyon

27-barrio doorway collage

28 Teatro Carmen, Tucson

Cards from other locations available as well;
below are a few...

301 'portal verde'--León, Nicaragua
St.-Rémy de Provence sundial, France
Seoul-'pavilion of far-reaching fragrance'
Seoul Kwanghwamun gate ceiling detail
Seoul Kwanghwamun  gate ceiling painting--phoenixes
Seoul pavilion ceiling detail, National Museum
Seoul wall face, Bukchon neighborhood

101 Altiplano girl and lamb, Perú

102 Altiplano niñita con su ovejita

103 Convento Santa Catalina, Arequipa, Perú

104 Cuzco Inca stonework

105 Machu Picchu morning

106 Machu Picchu windows

107 patio blanco, b&w, Arequipa, Perú
108 patio blanco, Arequipa, Perú
109 patio azúl, Arequipa, Perú

201 Antigua streetscape, Guatemala

202 Antigua Arch, Guatemala

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