Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Published! ...photo used for official AATF poster...fruit of a French-speaking summer

A few summers ago, I took my wife on her first visit to Québec and Montréal. One of our favorite places was the Marché Jean-Talon, North America's largest farmer's market, located in Montréal's vibrant 'Petite Italie' neighborhood. The market's colorful displays of fresh produce just cry out to be photographed.
Ah, the berries of a northern summer:

...des fraises (strawberries), des groseilles (gooseberries), des mûres (blackberries)
des framboises (raspberries), et des bleuets (blueberries)...
et de petites tomates, aussi (and small tomatoes, too)
A while back, I submitted a few photos from that trip to the AATF (The American Association of French Teachers), which is one of the world's largest professional organizations of French language teachers. I was recently notified that one of my photos was chosen for their "National French Week" posters which will be mailed out to about 10,000 members later this year!

Below, you'll see the above photo in the lower right corner--the image got 'flipped' in the design. The director of the AATF wrote me: "The vivid red gave our student designer the inspiration for the rest of the poster, and red was a color we had not featured yet for National French Week."

Vive le français!

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  1. So Very Cool!! I love that photo, but to have it in a poster and being sent to so many... Quite a Compliment! Tres Bien. =)