Sunday, September 11, 2011

monsoon scenes

Downpours are isolated but intense this time of year around Tucson.
The mid- to late-summer 'monsoon' in the Desert Southwest of the U.S.
can be the most uncomfortable time to visit,
 if you're only considering the thermometer.
So often, though, the vast skies will fill
with vistas of moving, cooling color--
the alchemy of wind, water, and sunset...

...below, one storm, from a couple of summers ago,
seen from the Catalina Highway, looking over Tucson:
...the next few are from last summer:

...and, from further north in Arizona--looking across from the mountainside mining town of Jerome
off to the red-rock country of Sedona, and then beyond to the San Francisco Peaks,
between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon:

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