Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Around the World in Color"...two out of twelve...and voting still possible!

Afar, the travel magazine, recently posted this album on its facebook page: from yours truly...

--the first one circled is of the Astronomers' monument in Griffith Park, in the hills above Los Angeles:

(took and edited this on my phone)

The one underneath is one of my favorite photos from the year my wife and I lived in Nicaragua:

I was biking around the colonial university city of León, Nicaragua, running errands...a colorful building across the street caught my eye, and since I had my camera in my backpack, I stopped, got off my bike and took a couple of shots. But then, when I turned around to get back on my bike, I noticed that it was parked against THIS vibrant wall. Wow--COLOR! A humble wooden building, instead of the more typical stone-and-stucco structure--when I leaned the bike against the wall I hadn't even noticed it; I'd biked up and down this street many times without really seeing it. Stop and park. Notice.

AND--you can still vote for us for the 'Dream Trip Photo Contest!' 
(please please please...yes, this is shameless...)

Condé Nast tweeted this earlier today:

Thanks for your support!

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